Hello again

Hello again blog. on the summervacation im getting 15 years old. On the 9of august Then im getting a motorbike and a Motorbike Driving licens! But now im gotta go so cya!


Today its friday and only 1 week left for summer vacationS! It so d***N Nice. On the summer i will just chill and have a nice time with my friends. Im also going to be in spain for some weeks and then in "Hamburgesund" for like two weeks. It kinda sucks that all the nine graders,? 94:rs Is going from school because i have so many friends there who i am with like everyday.. :/ I hope i wont loose them. The last week in school is going to be chill i think, not so much to do just one swedish test left. School goes well i think and i hope for good grades. Just a moment ago I heard that we is going to have Daniel Fröjd instead of camilla in the next year. That really SUCKS ! !!! Even if Daniel is a very good teacher.

The eight grade have been interesting and fun. I've learned so much new stuff etc.. It has gone so fast and easy. And hope the nine grade will be the same.

My "pryo" was on ica and it was and experienced and fun job. It was fun with all the nice people. But sometime it was hard to be nice all the time. It was like saying hi one million times! And u have to smile all the time:D But it was fun and i learned much about it. We have it very comfortable in school.

Last week i was on" super moto cross" in Borås. It was VERY fun! So many fast motorcykles that jumped in BIG jumps! It was a very loud sound from the motorcykles.

Two weeks ago i also was confirmated. I got an iphone i much money. Really usefull stuff!

Now i dont know what to write anymore.:/


Hello blog, im sorry for being slacking with the blog nowdays. But im going to tell you about my Christmas holiday.

My Christmas Holiday


Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve i were home with my family and my relatives. We ate Christmas food before the santa came. It was very much presents to give and I cant remember when we had that much presents under the christmastree. At the night I went to church on a worship with my friends. Because our konfermation leader said that. I got many nice presents like:

A sporting bag.

New graphic card

A new Floorball club



And much more things!

New Year's eve

On the New Year's eve my family and i had a wery calm day. We hadn't invited any guests to come. It was kinda boring but cozy in some way. But then i went to lundaskog. There Felix, Max, Simon and Alexander meet me and we shot alot of fireworks. At twelve o' clock the sky was full of fireworks. Then i went home.


One day on the holiday i went snowboarding in Ulricehamn. It was very fun and we were there all day. It was my friend Jacob from Göteborg who was there. We had a very nice weather and the snow was good, but the best of all there wasn't many people there. And that means you dont have to stay in long queus.


-and soon its friday!
Hello blog! Today i've installed my new computer chassi and I also have put in som new neons. It looks very very good!
Tommorow its friday and i love it! We have chill lessons and swimming with Camilla!:) Bye

Chassi |


http://open.spotify.com/user/marcusuddh/playlist/3ggCmQW4pIetq01PTRR0Ya   <3


Hi today I made a good choclate cake!

Simple and delicious recipes for choclatecake which is a lot of favorites. Choclatecake is good for dessert or cake with cream. Try this recipe that is well tested and have clear step-by-step photos.

Clock Time: 20 minutes of work + 20 minutes in the oven

Serves 6-8 servings

* 100 g butter
o or margarine
* 2 eggs
* 2,5 dl sugar
* 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
* 3 tablespoons cocoa
* 2 dl wheat flour

Follow these steps:

Turn on oven to 175 degrees.

Melt the butter gently (or margarine) in a saucepan on the stove or in a bowl in the microwave. You may want to divide the butter into small pieces before it goes faster. In the microwave, about 400 W to be suitable for power so as not to splash butter.

Let then the melted butter to stand in front and cool.

Whisk eggs and sugar until fluffy with electric mixer.

Add the vanilla sugar and cocoa and whisk with the lowest speed of electric mixer.

Add the flour. Add finally the melted butter. Whisk gently to a smooth batter and pour batter into a round shape as you can butter and SPRINKLE WITH CRUMBS if you want.

Bake at 175 degrees for about 20 minutes in middle of oven. If you want a sticky kladdkaka so takes less time in the oven.

After smearing the cake is done let it cool and be refrigerated until ready to serve.

Friday 9 - 10 - 09

Today it's friday and i love it!
The weather is not so good but sh*t the same. Today is the first time of this year we are going to have swimming on the sports lesson. I know i haven't wrote in blog fore a good while. But that's because I didn't have a computer to write on. Today I will chill and maybe go to church "BORING"! Tomorrow I will chill and relax, maybe i will be with some friends. On sunday i'm going to fish salmon in "Pickesjön" with "Benjamin Eriksson" in 8C ! :) The winter is coming closer now and i think I need to buy some new winterclothes and a new jacket. I realy longing for the summer again.
Hope you'll have it good!
Loves Marcus Uddh!

Computer lesson

Hello there!

Now im sitting on a computer lesson, and its very chill.
Today we have only four lessons, Crafts, sports, image and computer ofcourse.
After school i shall go out and fish i think. Then at six a clock we have a football game on "Borås Arena".
After this lesson we have image.
See you later!

Love Marcus;)

Friday morning

- and I like it!
Hello blog, today it´s Friday and we all know what that means, two days off from school!
In the holiday I will probably be with my friends and family, have I said that I have a big family? I have one little sister, one older sister, two older brothers, one cat and my parents ofcourse.
Like I told you last time Friday is a very soft and chill school day, we will probably just hang around and have fun. I hope your holiday will be as good as mine!
See you!-

My first blogg

Hello !
My name is Marcus Uddh and im 14 years old. I´m from Sjömarken in sweden. I like to play football and be with friends.
Today i got my first blogg. This is my " school blog" and we must write on english.
Today it´s friday and its a very chill day. We only have fun and chill lessons.
After school i will be with my friends and have fun.

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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