Hello again

Hello again blog. on the summervacation im getting 15 years old. On the 9of august Then im getting a motorbike and a Motorbike Driving licens! But now im gotta go so cya!


Today its friday and only 1 week left for summer vacationS! It so d***N Nice. On the summer i will just chill and have a nice time with my friends. Im also going to be in spain for some weeks and then in "Hamburgesund" for like two weeks. It kinda sucks that all the nine graders,? 94:rs Is going from school because i have so many friends there who i am with like everyday.. :/ I hope i wont loose them. The last week in school is going to be chill i think, not so much to do just one swedish test left. School goes well i think and i hope for good grades. Just a moment ago I heard that we is going to have Daniel Fröjd instead of camilla in the next year. That really SUCKS ! !!! Even if Daniel is a very good teacher.

The eight grade have been interesting and fun. I've learned so much new stuff etc.. It has gone so fast and easy. And hope the nine grade will be the same.

My "pryo" was on ica and it was and experienced and fun job. It was fun with all the nice people. But sometime it was hard to be nice all the time. It was like saying hi one million times! And u have to smile all the time:D But it was fun and i learned much about it. We have it very comfortable in school.

Last week i was on" super moto cross" in Borås. It was VERY fun! So many fast motorcykles that jumped in BIG jumps! It was a very loud sound from the motorcykles.

Two weeks ago i also was confirmated. I got an iphone i much money. Really usefull stuff!

Now i dont know what to write anymore.:/

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