Friday 9 - 10 - 09

Today it's friday and i love it!
The weather is not so good but sh*t the same. Today is the first time of this year we are going to have swimming on the sports lesson. I know i haven't wrote in blog fore a good while. But that's because I didn't have a computer to write on. Today I will chill and maybe go to church "BORING"! Tomorrow I will chill and relax, maybe i will be with some friends. On sunday i'm going to fish salmon in "Pickesjön" with "Benjamin Eriksson" in 8C ! :) The winter is coming closer now and i think I need to buy some new winterclothes and a new jacket. I realy longing for the summer again.
Hope you'll have it good!
Loves Marcus Uddh!

Postat av: Camilla

Simma lugnt!

2009-10-09 @ 10:05:03
Postat av: Marcus Uddh


2009-10-09 @ 10:14:20

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